About Tallgrass Energy

Welcome to Tallgrass Energy.

We’re a growth-oriented midstream energy company, transporting crude oil and natural gas from some of the nation’s most prolific basins in the Rocky Mountains, Upper Midwest and Appalachian regions with access to major demand markets in the Rockies, the Midwest, eastern Ohio and points beyond. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve built a strong portfolio of integrated transportation, storage, terminal, water management, gathering, processing and treating assets that support our customers and enable us to provide long-term, sustainable value to all our stakeholders.

We own and operate more than 8,300 miles of natural gas pipeline, more than 850 miles of crude pipeline, and more than 350 miles of water pipeline across a broad portion of the U.S. We also have one of the industry’s leading water reclamation programs situated in close proximity to producers.

At every step of the way, our focus is on creating value for our customers, helping them move product in ways that lead to timely, accurate and safe delivery at higher margins.

At Tallgrass Energy, we work hard to create value for our customers and provide creative solutions that help them succeed in any market environment.