Tallgrass Water

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Tallgrass Water (formerly BNN Water Solutions) was acquired by Tallgrass in 2014 to complement its existing assets. Tallgrass Water owns and operates more than 350 miles of water supply and gathering pipelines in addition to other water supply, storage, recycle, and disposal assets supporting seven producing basins, making us one of the largest independent operators of water infrastructure in the industry.

Through its water division, Tallgrass owns and operates permanent water infrastructure and provides clients with innovative sustainable solutions for the full life cycle of water. Tallgrass Water delivers, sources, stores, gathers, recycles and disposes of water, taking care of one of the most critical aspects of oil and gas production.

Its fixed structures and long-term partnership approach to water management consistently drive efficiency into client operations, creating cost savings and certainty as well as environmental benefits. A nimble, leading in-house staff of engineers, project managers and operations professionals design and build facilities, generating savings that are passed along to create additional value for clients.

Moving Water in the Smartest Way

Tallgrass Water provides significant efficiency and volume reliability to our clients to meet their water sourcing and transportation needs. Moving water by permanent buried pipeline combined with other treatment strategies is also planet friendly, reducing carbon emissions and preserving water as a natural resource.

By utilizing permanent infrastructure for water sourcing and gathering, Tallgrass Water keeps hundreds of trucks off public roads each day, reducing stress on public infrastructure and enhancing road safety.

  • Permanent Pipeline Infrastructure - Design, Build, Own, Operate
  • Water Sourcing & Logistics
  • Produced and Flowback Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Gathering & Disposal
  • Water Storage
  • Full Water Life Cycle Management
  • Municipal, Industrial and Agriculture Water Partnerships
  • Hydro Testing


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