Our Planet

Tallgrass’ approach to environmental management is core to our corporate strategy. We are committed to transporting the energy and services that power our nation and enable our quality of life safely, reliably, and sustainably. In 2022, we continued to explore ways to go above and beyond in our emissions reduction strategy as we continue to reduce our emissions year over year. The same mindset has guided our efforts in water stewardship, biodiversity and habitat management, asset integrity, and waste management. Every day, our teams build on our expertise to minimize our environmental impacts while maximizing our ability to deliver.

Emissions Management

Tallgrass is heavily focused on immediately reducing its Scope 1 emissions within our existing footprint. Tallgrass is a member of the Environmental Partnership and the Voluntary Methane Program and has established an internal, cross-functional Methane Emission Reduction Initiatives Team, all focused on identifying and implementing best practices in operational emissions reductions.

Water Stewardship

Protecting and preserving clean, affordable, and accessible water supplies is an increasing global need. Tallgrass Water can address growing water challenges by leveraging our expertise in responsible sourcing, recycling, and reuse to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient water solutions for our customers. As part of our water services, we promote increased efficiency of water usage in drilling operations, which can reduce the need for freshwater. We also develop strategic relationships with municipalities that will support clean water delivery to local communities.

Pipeline Safety and Integrity

Tallgrass is committed to operating its pipeline facilities in a safe and reliable manner. We have implemented gas, liquid, facilities, and storage integrity management plans with that goal in mind. These are valuable management tools that can help to further ensure the integrity of our pipeline systems to help protect people and the environment. Through these programs, threats can be proactively identified, and measures can be taken to improve integrity. Measures include integrity assessments using in-line inspection tools, hydro tests, corrosion prevention measures, aerial patrols, and other risk-based preventative and mitigative measures. Tallgrass often goes above and beyond regulatory requirements to improve the integrity of our assets.

Our unwavering commitment to pipeline safety and integrity is matched only by our dedication to delivering energy to our customers reliably and efficiently.

Key Accomplishments

Notable accomplishments from 2022 include: 

    • Reduced GHG emissions year over year.
    • Corporate emissions have been fully offset since 2021 through the purchase of certified carbon credits.
    • Rockies Express Pipeline is the first U.S. natural gas transportation pipeline to achieve Midstream Certification by Project Canary, a leading third-party emissions monitoring organization.
    • Conducted over 48,800 miles of aerial patrols on our oil and gas assets.
    • Restored nearly 97% of the 214 acres that were impacted by our operations.
    • Facilitated the reuse of 3.8 million barrels of water in Wyoming.