Protecting and preserving life-giving water supplies is a global concern. Tallgrass meets water challenges head-on, leveraging our expertise in responsible water sourcing, recycling, and disposal to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions to customers. Water services include increasing the efficiency of water usage in drilling operations and developing partnerships with municipalities that deliver clean water to local communities.


Water recycling is an important focus area for Tallgrass Water. In the Powder River Basin alone, Tallgrass Water has 8.3 million barrels of water storage capacity and can discharge up to 40,000 barrels of water per day through a combination of downhole disposal and evaporation. In 2021, Tallgrass Water recycled 5.5 million barrels of water in Wyoming, conserving fresh water supplies and enabling customers to reuse water for their operations.

Tallgrass Water’s sustainable operations includes its use of municipal effluent in place of fresh potable water for operations in water-stressed areas such as Texas. In 2021, Tallgrass Water used 820,000 barrels of treated municipal effluent water in its Texas operations.