Our Values

Tallgrass is a leading energy infrastructure company focused on safely, reliably, and sustainably delivering the energy and services that power our nation and enable our quality of life. Our infrastructure spans a large portion of the U.S., connecting energy supply sources with the homes and businesses that depend on it every day. We leverage the decadeslong expertise of our people and our successful track record operating large-scale infrastructure to provide leading energy solutions that will create a cleaner energy future.

Safety First

Safety First universally applies to every member of the Tallgrass team—there are no barriers to where you work, your role, title, or job duties. You must own your actions at work and in your personal life so that Safety First is embedded in the fabric of our organization.

Common Purpose

OneTallgrass represents our unified drive to work collaboratively towards a shared objective. It transcends individual roles and departments. It fosters cohesion, alignment, and our commitment to achieving our mission. It emphasizes how our success may be achieved through a combined effort, where an individual’s unique contributions contribute to a more significant, meaningful outcome.


High-performing, talented teams rely on colleagues to communicate clearly, set expectations and practice agility. Like a linchpin, accountability holds together the essential elements of a successful team. Accountability clearly communicates milestones and ensures individual contributors are engaged.

Innovate and Evolve

Innovation and evolution are the twin engines that propel our organization and embolden us to test new ideas, flip the script, and positively impact communities where we work and live.  

Embracing innovation breathes life into our ideas, transforming them into beacons of possibility. With every leap of innovation, we challenge the status quo, redefining our boundaries and reimagining our potential—and naturally evolve.

Perseverance and Teamwork

An unwavering spirit of perseverance and the focus on building collaborative teams allows individuals find their strengths, teams to achieve their goals, and organizations to forge a new path and construct a legacy of success.

Integrity and Respect

Integrity and respect are the pillars for our organization. They’re essential to forging a culture of trust, accountability, and collaboration. In every scenario, personal decisions must reflect doing what is right, because it’s the right thing to do. Our team is made up of individuals who represent One Tallgrass, you exemplify our broader purpose.