Natural Gas

We operate more than 7,000 miles of FERC-regulated transportation and storage systems – Rockies Express Pipeline (REX), Ruby, Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, Trailblazer, Cheyenne Connector, and East Cheyenne Gas Storage – capable of transporting more than 10.3 billion cubic feet (bcf) per day and storing approximately 25 bcf of natural gas. REX is the nation’s northernmost bi-directional header system, and combined with the Ruby Pipeline, Tallgrass connects major supply basins with high-demand centers across the country and along both coasts. Additionally, Tallgrass owns and operates more than 1,500 miles of natural gas gathering pipeline and processing facilities with a combined capacity of approximately 190 mmcf/day.

natural gas

REX is the first interstate natural gas pipeline in the United States to receive a comprehensive and independent environmental assessment and certification from Project Canary’s certification program. As part of the certification process, REX implemented real-time methane detection and monitoring at all 22 of its compressor stations.

As one of the country’s largest natural gas pipelines, REX is blazing a trail for other pipelines to follow. This certification will enable the midstream sector to certify carbon neutral gas transportation capacity and create a standardized certification process to track emissions for pipeline transmission and storage elements.