Our Process

Tallgrass adheres to a comprehensive framework of policies, practices, standards, and controls that foster responsible decision-making. Our corporate governance system enables us to run our business with transparency, accountability, and consideration for all those we impact. Our business and operations management falls under the purview of our executive officers, who are accountable to our Board of Directors for their performance and strategic direction.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

By instilling principles of business ethics and integrity throughout Tallgrass, we create a culture of consistent ethical conduct and inspire our staff to carry out their duties with integrity. These principles are upheld by everyone from top-level executives to newly recruited staff, and they provide us with a structure that ensures employees and contractors are treated fairly, respectfully, and honestly.

Enterprise Risk Management

Proactively identifying, understanding, and managing risk is a core driver of Tallgrass’ business success. We understand that effective risk management cannot occur in a vacuum — it requires broad-reaching input from across the business and from a diverse set of employee perspectives. Tallgrass’ Enterprise Risk Management program is a holistic and collaborative framework built to adapt the business to a changing internal and external landscape and responding appropriately to emerging risks. Enterprise Risk Management program updates are provided to the Board at least annually through the Audit Committee.

Key Accomplishments

A few key accomplishments from 2022 included: 

    • All employees acknowledge understanding of Tallgrass’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics annually.
    • 100% of employees completed cybersecurity training in 2022.