Request To Have Lines Marked


Call 811 or your local One-Call organization at least two or three working days before you plan to dig, and wait until utility lines are marked to begin your project. One-Call is a free service. Refer to your state-specific On-Call laws for more information.

One-Call will notify all underground utilities in the area. If pipelines or other underground utilities are located near the excavation site, trained personnel will mark the location of pipelines and other utility lines within 48 hours or as specified by your state’s One-Call law.

Respect the flags that mark the location of the pipeline and dig with care. If you accidentally damage or hit a Tallgrass pipeline, contact us immediately. We will assess the damage and repair it if needed. If damage is not promptly repaired, it could result in a future leak or serious accident.

Visit your local One-Call organization’s Web site for more information regarding how to submit a one-call request online.